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Some of my Original 2D images are oil or acrylic on canvas. Some are ink-on-paper monotypes. Some are multi-media collages which began life as a monotype and have been enhanced with paper, fabric, foil, ink and/or acrylic paint. I will be offering a variety of each in its original state as well as reproductions of a select group.

A few of the reproductions offered here are the first of my lithographic editions, printed by me, one-at-a-time, using a very large, extinct, flatbed offset proof press. While the offset method is a traditional printing process, modern digital techniques were employed in the preparation of the printing plates used for these reproductions. The original paintings were digitally scanned and the rich, mat-like borders were added electronically after scanning. The information was then sent directly to the platemaker via computer. No litho negatives were used, therefore no image quality has been lost. I also offer giclee reproductions of some of the images.

I am constantly creating new images and plan to post them on a regular basis. Please come back to see what’s new.

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Originals Lithographs Giclées Pop-Art Faces
5385 Cosmic Anthology27 1772GreenSphereofInfluence 1793LoanRanger

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Due to variations in monitors, actual artwork may vary slightly in color than what appears on your screen.