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My Clients Love Their Barns

Many of my clients are "city mice" who have followed their dream to move to the country and acquire a couple of acres and a barn.

Basically that is my dream too. I was born and raised in Chicago and always wanted to live in the country. I was able to get my 20 acres of land but could not afford wood buildings so I had to put up metal sheds. I get my barn "fix" painting other people's barns. Wood barns are "magic", as these people will tell you.

The man who owns the top barn has chickens, turkeys, ducks and llamas. In the second picture, I am painting the roof on his machine shed.

The owners of the barn in the bottom picture have made an unbelievable house out of their barn. Actually, there are many people who have made great houses out of their barns. I have worked for some of them. I get a great feeling when I paint a barn. It is a big job and I do it by myself — working alone for the last 25 years. That means you always get the head honcho painting your building!

My satisfied clients provide my best advertising and a good share of my work comes from their referrals. I would be happy to provide references upon request.

Farm Painting by Richard Arfsten satisfied clients