Richard Arfsten

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Sandblasting and Back-Rolling

In these pictures I am trying to show you the thoroughness of sandblasting and how the wood seals with one coat of paint and back-rolling. Refer to the picture (below, left) with the red arrow to see how the paint has "grabbed" the wood.

After preparing the wood surface with sandblasting, I spray on an extra heavy coat of paint. This is required so the roller can "squeeze" the paint into the cracks and pores of the wood.

Wood is a bundle of microscopic straws. When you sandblast you poke holes into the straws. When you brush or roll the paint you work it into these holes so that the paint grabs onto the wood and seals it. Spraying alone does not get the paint into the pores and doesn't create a good seal, which means the paint will peel sooner.

Farm Painting by Richard Arfsten Sandblasting and Back-Rolling