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The Magic of Red

The top picture shows a barn owned by a 90-year-old bachelor farmer. He works very hard and had only meager funds available but he wanted to spruce the place up a little. Look how nice the red covers rust in one coat.

The middle two photos show how pleasing a red roof looks. The beauty of red is even when it starts to rust it will not be noticeable. The pigment in red paint is iron oxide. Rust is iron oxide. However, I have observed that some women have a hard time liking red on red. But if I put a little trim on it I think it looks great — but you have to realize I am "Mr. Practical." White doors help a lot.

The bottom photo shows the other extreme. Here the man had a new building built and wanted the old ones to match. This was really hard to do and was very time-consuming. Time is money so he decided not to paint the part of the building that was not in view from the road.

Something to know about painting galvanized metal — if you put the wrong paint on it, the paint will peel. This is where experience comes in. I have had jobs fail that have cost me many thousands of dollars to repair. I'm a fast learner when it hits my pocket book so now I know better and that experience will benefit you!

Farm Painting by Richard Arfsten Magic of Red