Richard Arfsten

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Who Are My Clients?

My clients are usually someone other than a farmer. They own a few acres of land and a set of buildings. Maybe they keep a few horses or other pasture pets or it's a hobby farm where a barn is part of it.

In our area small barns are not big enough for the few farmers that are left, so they push them over and build a big metal shed. As more and more barns fall down the remaining few get more valuable. Nothing beats a wood barn to keep horses in. There is no condensation dripping on them all winter like in a metal shed. A barn is a horse owners dream.

The people who own this barn use the upper part for hay storage and the bottom to house their "pasture pets". This barn could have used some carpenter work but it was not in their budget.

Notice the color of the barn — brown! Brown is the best color to hide carpenter problems and it has a nice rustic look to it. The folks also saved money by not painting the trim a different color. Not every barn has to be red.

But don't get me wrong — I still paint for farmers!

Farm Painting by Richard Arfsten who are clients